Adam Nashban has experienced it too; it's part of why he took our Learning for Action course last year. Recently he let us know he's working on something new, helping companies electrify their vehicle fleets to reduce both expenses and their climate impact. helped him develop the skills to channel his anxiety and translate what he was learning about climate action into language that resonates with businesses. He also found a likeminded community:

"That's one of the gems of the course," Nashban says. He met others who were eager to learn, had similar stories, and "came in because they're like, 'I can't not work on climate anymore.'"

In the year since, that "support network" has been there through his career transition. "Being able to share that story and the pain points and successes with other folks that I've met has been invaluable."

Signups for the next cohort of our 12-week Learning for Action course close at the end of this week; the course launches May 28, so apply now and come join your climate community.