SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2024 —, a premier climate education platform,

and cCarbon, a leading environmental markets research and insights provider,

announced a strategic partnership to introduce a comprehensive suite of carbon and

clean fuels markets courses. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in

addressing the growing demand for expertise in global environmental markets. aims to empower 100 million people with the skills and knowledge to work on

climate by the end of this decade. By partnering with cCarbon, which is renowned for its

deep market insights, guiding over $200 billion of environmental assets under

management, will leverage cutting-edge content and market data to deliver

best-in-class educational training.

The joint initiative aims to support a diverse audience, including professionals

transitioning to sustainability roles, traders seeking to enter carbon and clean fuels

markets, and individuals exploring careers in environmental markets.

The first course in the series, Mastering Carbon Markets, will be offered starting 8 July,

2024, providing participants a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and

market dynamics of global carbon markets driven by voluntary commitments and

regulatory requirements. The course will consist of four weeks of instruction, with 60

minutes of in-person sessions per week, providing participants with a robust learning


For the duration of the course, participants will also get limited access to cCarbon’s

platform which is used by industry experts to inform their business decisions and

strategies for environmental markets. This will allow participants to reference historic

data, latest insights, and market outlook powered by cCarbon’s forecasting models to

support their learning throughout the course.

"We are excited to partner with cCarbon to launch these innovative courses," said

Cynthia Thomson, Head of Learning Partnership at "By combining’s

expertise in climate education with cCarbon’s deep understanding of environmental

markets, we aim to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to

drive positive change in the industry."

"We believe that education plays a crucial role in accelerating the transition to a low-

carbon economy," said Arpit Soni, Associate Director of partnerships and product

design at cCarbon. "Through this partnership, we hope to equip individuals with | 2

insights and tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of carbon and clean

fuels markets."

Advanced courses will be added to the series to provide a deeper understanding of

market drivers, environmental attribute pricing, portfolio management and trading

strategies. The series of courses will be tailored to cater to a wide range of

professionals working on environmental markets, including traders, investors, corporate

sustainability teams, compliance teams, lawyers, developers, researchers, and


For more information about the courses and how to enroll, visit

About is a leading platform for climate education and career development, offering

courses designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to

address the challenges of climate change.

About cCarbon:

cCarbon, a division of cKinetics, has been providing business intelligence and analytics

for global environmental markets since 2012, covering compliance and voluntary carbon

markets, sustainable fuels, and other environmental commodities. It specializes in

providing reliable in-depth research and tailored solutions for decarbonization,

compliance strategies, and climate investments, aiming to be the foundational source of

insights that support business decisions in environmental markets.