99% of the people who will be working in climate by the end of this decade are currently outside it. We need your help to change that.

Supriya Booth, Chief Revenue Officer at Lumen Energy, took the leap from working in technology and business development in Silicon Valley to joining a climate technology startup.

“I feel really centered and grounded in my life. Like the work that I'm doing really matters. I feel more optimistic in a sense,” she said.

She had many touch-points with the climate crisis in the past, but she was compelled to action when smoke from massive California wildfires blocked out the sun and ash fell from the sky.

Watching the scene unfold in her city with her kids, she said, “It was a real wake-up call, you know, what am I doing? Like, I want to be part of this solution, and if you wanna be a great parent, you have to do something about this, right?”

So she got started, going at it alone; Supriya said, “Those early months in climate can feel very overwhelming and very scary.”

Climate despair is real, and it affects many folks entering the space. Leaping into a new industry felt impossible until Supriya found Terra.do.

She joined Climate Change: Learning for Action, and as she learned more about climate science, solutions, and emotional resiliency, she started to look more optimistically toward the future.

“Here's all this like amazing work that can be done today, and you can celebrate all the innovation and all the talent that's coming into the space, and you can have this amazing life with your family and know that you're doing your life's best work,” she said. “Today, I don't feel the kind of despair that I did a year ago.”

“I know what's out there, I know what the risks are, I know what the worst case scenario looks like, but there's also, you know, what can you do today? Use the time that we have most impactfully. And I feel like I'm doing that, and that is really grounding and energizing for me in my work.”

Ready to lay the groundwork for a meaningful career in climate?

Climate Change: Learning for Action is a 12-week course that sets you up for a meaningful career in climate. Learn what solutions matter, strengthen your emotional resilience, find your place in climate, and create a plan to actualize it.