Meet Green Artha and their Partners

Green Artha is a climate venture fund and innovation firm dedicated to making a low-carbon economy possible. With the objective of catalyzing the adoption, mainstreaming, and commercialization of climate innovations, Green Artha is using climate-smart investing to keep the planet below a 2-degree temperature.

Conceived to help climate innovations reach the market at scale, Green Artha works with startups, leading corporates, NGOs, philanthropists, investors, think tanks and incubators. These partners include:

The Fellowship

The Artha Fellowship is designed for aspiring climate professionals and practitioners looking to apply their climate learning and knowledge to practical action. Fellows will bridge the gap between learning and action via this interdisciplinary program via a 6-month stipend position with their partner organization.

Fellows will create their own foundation of climate knowledge by join’s Learning For Action cohort before engaging with their host organization in on the ground climate work. In partnership with the human capital expertise of Green Artha, this program is based in deep systems analysis to strengthen and align networks, create virtuous cycles and attract more brilliant people to work on the world’s biggest problem.

Looking Ahead

As climate change continues to grow in its impacts and reach, new and innovative solutions will be needed to address the challenges at hand. With this partnership, both and Green Artha are taking steps to ensure that our workforce is on that transition to one of climate equity while maintaining profits and returns.